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Society Awards

Members of the Israel Society for Microbiology (for a minimum duration of two years), are eligible to receive for candidacy for ISM awards and prizes.

Applications: Recommendations must be submitted via email. Any material that may aid the decision-making process of the Awards Committee may also be attached in this e-mail (curriculum vitae, list of publications, print-outs, and/or recommendations by other researchers).

Address of the Association’s Secretary: Israel Society for Microbiology

                                                             P.O. Box 57176, Tel Aviv 61571
                                                             Tel: 03-5651344, Fax: 03-5610152

The following award will be presented this year: The “Sarov”

The Professor Israel (Izzy) Sarov Prize
This award will be presented to active Israeli scientists active in research who have made significant contributions (in basic and clinical/applied research) in the field of human microbiology in Israel and abroad. 
A grand prize  in New Israeli Shekel (NIS) equivalent to $2,000, will be awarded according to the current exchange rate. The prize money will be divided between the two winners. This prize will be awarded each year at the annual conference of the Israel Society for Microbiology. The winners will lecture on their work at the plenary session at the conference, and abstract of their work will be published in the conferences’ book of abstracts.

Travel grants

MSc and PhD students that are members of the ISM for at least two years, are invited to apply for partial coverage of travel expenses for an overseas conference.

Application procedure:

The application will be submitted to the Society of the Association via e-mail:, as a PDF or WORD file, and must include:
Details of the conference in which the student’s wishes to present their work, acceptance letter from the conference organizers, a receipt that confirms the payment of the conference’s registration fee, resume, recommendation from the student’s supervisor, and an abstract of the work.

Winners of the scholarship will receive the prize upon their return from the conference, and upon the presentation receipt of payment of the conferences’ registration fee, confirmation of the receipt of their work, a photocopy of the flight ticket and a short scientific summary (approx. 150 words) of the conference.
Travel grants for students in research
MSc. or PhD.  students that are members of ISM for at least two years are invited to apply for a partial coverage of travel expenditures for a conference abroa

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